WISP Reduced Prices For Any Subscription to $0,99/month
WISP Reduced Prices For Any Subscription to $0,99/month

WISP Reduced Prices For Any Subscription to $0,99/month

To help remote teams to be engaged during the coronavirus pandemic, WISP reduced prices for any subscription to $0.99/month until the 31st of August, 2020.

WISP, an innovative mobile HR solution, announced that any subscription from now costs less than $1 for any company despite its size.

“Now when due to coronavirus outbreak hundred thousand employees have to work remotely, HR tools for engagement have crucial meaning,” said Vera Reshetina, CEO of Workee, the Danish company that developed WISP. “And another crucial factor is time. Usually, companies need from 8 to 48 months to implement a branded intranet that helps employees to be engaged – but it’s absolutely unacceptable now, in the middle of the corona crisis. Your team has to feel that you remain close right here and right now – and can quickly get company news and all important information, communicate with colleagues, express their opinion. All of it allows them to work more productively. As WISP is the only HR solution that allows companies to build a mobile intranet for less than 20 minutes – we decided to reduce prices for any subscription to make it affordable for businesses of all types.”

With WISP HR-managers and business owners can build their own company app without any coding skills. They can upload your logo, customize the color scheme, and then add company policies, news, and staff contacts. HR-managers can create polls, and all the employees also are able to share files in all formats. It also includes a built-in messenger to facilitate employee communication.

Being a Danish app with its slogan “Hygge Your Coworkers“, WISP already helps companies and organizations around the world to improve their engagement.

About WISP

WISP is the Danish innovative HR solution that helps create mobile employee handbooks.

To protect its customers’ data, WISP uses a combination of proven technological solutions and privacy protection methods.

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