Four Steps for Developing and Retaining the Future Leaders of Your Organization
Four Steps for Developing and Retaining the Future Leaders of Your Organization

Four Steps for Developing and Retaining the Future Leaders of Your Organization

Your company and its workforce hold a great deal of value for you. After all, you are calculating your future and the profits you will make, the boundaries you will cross and the new limits you will set.

To do all this, you need to inculcate and grow your workforce and employees. Developing and retaining the future leaders of an organization is one of the key tasks of any employer. Usually it is less expensive and resource-depleting to retain and develop employees from within your workforce than to hire new ones.

Expert opinion states that you should create leadership programs for your employees. These programs help you single out employees who have higher growth potential. These employees are then mentored through multiyear management programs and other classes. This enables them to develop their skills further. The main goals are to keep the employees motivated and to give them a broader and better vision of the company.

Steps for retaining future leaders of the organization

Here are a few steps for implementing successful programs to retain your future leaders. Read on to find out more about how you can successfully train your employees so that they rise within your company and grow along with it.

1. People should be rotated so that they perform different jobs. You should provide the opportunity for your employees to have firsthand experience of all the roles within your company. This will help them to gain more exposure and give them expertise in new fields.

2. You should challenge your employees’ capabilities through unfamiliar jobs and services. These tasks are growth-oriented and will help them to understand the structure of your company better. They will feel inclined to push past their current skill levels and develop new ones. They will feel encouraged to perform better, with greater willpower.

3. You should also create mentoring programs for your employees. This will provide better guidance for the future. All employees should know the mechanics of the task in hand. They should learn how to solve problems and deal with customers swiftly and effectively. Generally, employees are paired with senior employees so that they can learn and work better. This helps to bridge any kind of gap or solve problems they might have been facing.

4. Ensure that your participants receive proper feedback about their services. Any areas where they might be lacking can be reinforced through proper coaching. They should be evaluated frequently, based upon their current performance. You can seek the advice of veteran or retired employees and implement this in your program. You should also be able to introduce new employees to the program if candidates drop out.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a good leader. However, follow the steps outlined above and you will create a successful workforce ready to take your company on to the next level.


Vishal Amberkar has over 12 years’ experience working across industries, planning and implementing business growth strategies in the digital space. Equipped with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Department of Management Studies (Pune University), his present association with AssessHub involves contributing to current thinking and sharing ideas about how to improve the Human Resources function through the AssessHub Blog.

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