35 Female CEOs and Founders in the HR Tech World, Part 1
35 Female CEOs and Founders in the HR Tech World, Part 1

35 Female CEOs and Founders in the HR Tech World, Part 1

Women still only account for a small percentage of CEOs and founders in HR tech companies. It is significant, though, that many women sitting at the top of these companies have built great products and services and have grown their respective startups into groundbreaking HR technology companies.

We’ve created a list of 35+ successful women who currently hold top positions in the HR tech industry.

1.Autumn Manning, YouEarnedIt, @a_manning


Hailing from Arkansas, Autumn is living in Austin now. She is the CEO of YouEarnedIt, the complete people platform, enabling companies to drive employee engagement and performance from the ground up.

She has experience in behavioral psychology, change management, analytics and assessment design, organizational development and global talent management strategy.

Being a mother of two, Autumn started The MACC Initiative, a group dedicated to developing the resources, support, conversations, and knowledge around how to best leverage the power of working moms.

Autumn is an advocate for CASA, an organization aimed at speaking for the best interests of abused and neglected children in court.

2.  Linda Ginac, TalentGuard, @LindaGinac


Linda is the Founder and CEO of TalentGuard, a leading global talent management software company. Inventive and driven, she is known throughout the industry for disrupting HR technology and is the inventor of the first commercially available career pathing software solution designed to optimize employee engagement and retention.

Prior to TalentGuard, Linda was a key executive at pcOrder, where she helped to transform an early stage start-up into a leading NASDAQ-listed public corporation. She also held executive roles at other start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.

When she isn’t immersed in entrepreneurship, Linda enjoys being in the great outdoors, hiking, running marathons, and singing karaoke. She is an advocate of women’s leadership and empowerment and has led various prominent charities, including the Young Women’s Alliance and American Cancer Society. Linda has two amazing sons and is married to her best friend, Frank.

3.Vera Reshetina, CactusSoft, @verareshetina


After graduating with a Diploma in Math and Economics, Vera now has 13 years’ experience in the software engineering industry. She is the CEO and Founder of CactusSoft, an international organization that provides end-to-end services in software development and expertise in the HR domain. Now sitting at the top of the CactusSoft tree, she knows what the road to success looks like and always remembers that she earned her first money working as a cashier in a store.

Vera has also launched another startup a mobile app called WISP for quick onboarding and engagement. Firstly, CactusSoft created the app especially for its own new hires. However, after a couple of months, they decided that WISP merited being marketed as a separate product. Last year the app was listed in the 100+ HR Technologies Worth Watching in 2016 by RecruitingDaily.com President, William Tincup.

Mother-of-two Vera also knows the secrets of haute cuisine and cooks for the whole of her team several times a year.

4.Brynne S. Kennedy, MOVE Guides, @BrynneSpeak


Brynne lives between San Francisco and London, speaks four languages and has business experience in 30+ countries. She founded MOVE Guides during her MBA course at London Business School after undergoing a series of cumbersome relocations while working in finance. She built the first enterprise software platform and a new employee support model for the global mobility management market, where more than $200 billion is spent annually by companies.

Brynne is a former elite level gymnast for the USA and a former Division 1 gymnast at Yale, where she was a four-time Varsity Letter winner and a member of the Ivy League Championship-winning team. In 2016, Brynne won Entrepreneur of the Year in the Women of the Future Awards and London Business School’s Distinguished Entrepreneur Award.

5.Anne Fulton, Fuel50, @Fuel50careerpth


Passionate about career enablement and pathing solutions, Anne created Fuel50 career-pathing software with co-founder Jo Mills. The main goal was to deliver career solutions to organizations that result in engagement uplift, acceleration of careers along untraditional pathways, and millennial career experiences that deliver both engagement and retention impacts along with enhanced workforce agility. Now they are working with hundreds of organizations across the globe, including many Fortune 1000 companies in the US.

Anne says that she is happiest exploring somewhere new with running shoes or a bike. She is fond of running – marathons and off-road – triathlons, skiing and travelling; she loves great company (which, of course, usually includes her family), great food and wine as a reward.

6.Jo Mills, Fuel50


Jo is an experienced OD strategist working with organizations to design strategic career engagement programs, generating engagement uplift and organizational value across three levels – individual empowerment, manager enablement and organizational effectiveness.

As President of Product Strategy at Fuel50, Jo is responsible for product strategy and the ongoing development of the Fuel50 Career Drive.

7.Sarah Nahm, Lever, @srhnhm


After graduating from Stanford University, Sarah launched her software company, Lever, in 2014. Lever is a collaborative hiring platform. Designed to engage every stakeholder in the recruiting process, Lever helps make hiring a top priority company-wide.

Before launching Lever, Sarah spent three years helping to expand Chrome, Google’s web browser, from an open-source developer darling into the world’s top browser by market share, and to grow it from 100 thousand users to 100 million.

It’s interesting that her career in tech has even encompassed speechwriting for Marissa Mayer (now CEO of Yahoo), who was serving as VP of Search and User Experience at Google at that time and taught Sarah many lessons about leadership that she’s still finding valuable today.

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Sarah has a predictable love of barbecue and sweet tea.

8.Stacy Chapman, SwoopTalent, @stacychapman


Stacy is passionate about the intersection of HR and technology. She has designed, managed and implemented systems across the gamut of human capital and recruiting. She held a highly successful global strategy role with PeopleSoft, where she designed and launched market-leading human capital management applications, and founded Aruspex in 2003 to tackle the huge challenge of strategic workforce planning. After a stint in consulting around the globe, Stacy co-founded SwoopTalent to leverage data for really effective talent-sourcing and hiring.

She is a Senior Fellow in HCM at The Conference Board and has been named an “industry veteran” by analyst Bill Kutik.

9.Eynat Guez, Papaya Global, @RelocationJobs


Living in Israel, Eynat has 15 years of experience in global HR and employment relocation management.

After founding Relocation Source in 2008, Eynat also founded Expert Source in 2014 (an Asian PEO organization helping US corporates expand their business into Asia). Prior to founding Relocation Source, Eynat had served as a COO at a global holdings group with extensive operations in developing countries.

Now Eynat is the CEO and co-founder of Papaya Global – a platform enabling companies to manage their workforce solutions, from onboarding to reporting and finance control.

Eynat is a mentor at Cracking the Glass Ceiling. It is a unique initiative, designed to offer  for a better future for girls growing up in an environment that does not encourage them to pursue their education.

10.Allison Karl O’Kelly, Corps Team / Mom Corps, @AllisonOKelly


Allison is an entrepreneur, Harvard Business School graduate and mother of three boys.

She is the CEO and founder of Mom Corps, a national professional staffing firm with a focus on flexible work. Launched in 2005, Mom Corps was the first national staffing organization, focused exclusively on experienced professionals seeking non-traditional careers. Today, they are a leader in strategic workforce solutions for highly skilled, hard-to-find talent.

Allison’s life interests include running – she has completed one full marathon and two half-marathons. She also enjoys her family life, golden retrievers, travelling and reading.

11.Amanda Lannert, the Jellyvision Lab, @AmandaLannert


Amanda has been a key figure in driving the company since its foundation in 2001. Under Amanda’s leadership, Jellyvision has doubled its revenue three out of the last four years. The company has grown to serve hundreds of mostly Fortune 1000 clients with interactive communication solutions for desktop, mobile, and emerging platforms via the company’s digital agency work and ALEX, the employee decision support platform.

The company has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Place to Work in Chicago by the Chicago Tribune and the #1 place for millennials to work in Chicago, according to Crain’s.

Amanda was named CEO of the Year at the Moxie Awards in 2014 and 2015 and has been profiled in the Chicago Tribune and Crain’s. She is also active in Chicago’s startup community; she serves as “Super Mentor” for Chicago incubators Impact Engine and TechStars, and has also been named Mentor of the Year.

12.Tacy Byham, DDI, @TacyByham


During more than 20 years at DDI, its CEO Tacy has led multiple strategic initiatives, including the creation of DDI’s Executive Development Practice and award-winning frontline leader development programs. She has also managed the development of succession management programs and corporate universities for key clients.

Tacy is the co-author of the acclaimed book, Your First Leadership Job: How Catalyst Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others, and has penned multiple book chapters and blogs on various leadership topics.

In her spare time, Tacy is a singer with the DDI Band.

Tacy is a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

13. Sandra Panara, HireQ.com, Workplace Forensics Inc., @s_panara


Hailing from Canada, Sandra is a co-founder of HireQ, an online virtual recruiter. Built by job-seekers for job-seekers, it uses technology to enable highly personalized and relevant job-matching using the digital profile the job-seeker creates.

She is the founder at Workplace Forensics Inc., a management consulting practice, as well.

Sandra shares her personal journey as a female entrepreneur and also as a woman in tech at numerous meetups and during meetings with students.

She is fond of writing, travelling and music. She likes sport as well: swimming, rowing, scuba diving and chess are her favorites.

14.Alessia Lamonaca, HireQ, @alesssia


Alessia is a co-founder of HireQ. Specializing in marketing, she describes herself as an ambitious digital storyteller, with a proven ability to ideate innovative concepts and execute them effectively with limited resources.

She thrives on successfully gathering, harnessing and tailoring content, and utilizes breaking trends in social media, design and technology to drive high-profile, cross-media promotional campaigns.

15. Dale Clareburt, Weirdly, @DaleClareburt


Having an extensive background in recruitment and SME business, Dale became a co-founder and CEO of Weirdly Ltd, a SaaS platform that helps businesses put organizational and team culture fit at the beginning of the recruitment process. Dale and her team believe that recruitment should be fun, engaging and useful and so they have created a product that delivers just that.

“My role is pretty awesome – I get to do everything I love – talking, sales, strategy and conducting Weirdly demonstrations everywhere I go. It’s fun because I get to see the change in the way everyone views recruitment. And I get to see the positive impact it has on the culture of my customer’s environment and the increased engagement they get from their candidates,” says Dale.

16.Danielle Weinblatt, Take the Interview, @dweinblatt


Danielle, co-founder and CEO of the HR software company Take the Interview, has led the team’s growth from its foundation to more than 50 people. TTI was recognized as a Top 10 HR Cloud Solution Provider in 2016 and has raised $12M in venture capital.

Danielle was named a 2014 Game Changer by Workforce Magazine and a Top Under 30 Entrepreneur by the New England Technology Summit. She is a member of the Rock 100, the Harvard Business School network of founders of early-stage, high-impact ventures.

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