WISP was listed in 100+ HR Technologies Worth Watching in 2016
WISP was listed in 100+ HR Technologies Worth Watching in 2016

WISP was listed in 100+ HR Technologies Worth Watching in 2016

HR professional William Tincup shared his new “HR Technologies to Watch” list with the RecruitingDaily audience. As he declared, the goal of this list is to give HR & recruiting practitioners a list of interesting technologies – somewhere to start – and the list just so happens to be the technologies that he is tracking in Q4. 

«This isn’t a popularity contest nor is this post intended for vendors, investors, and/or consultants.  If you’re a practitioner, find something that resonates with you or a particular pain that you’re having and check the company out. Do a demo – share what you learned with your peers», says William.

WISP app is honored to be included in the list of 100+ HR Technologies Worth Watching in 2016 among the others significant applications.

WISP HR Technology Engagement

Some words about WISP:

WISP is a HR solution which helps teams to create an employee app in 15 minutes or less. It helps managers with onboarding new hires quickly and increases employee engagement.

How it works:

There are lots of advantages to WISP. The first being, that HR personnel who have any level of tech knowledge, can add use this employee app to manage their team’s communication easily and effectively. And all changes made with the web admin panel, automatically sync to member’s phones.

It has multiple functions too. After creating a team profile you can add all of the team member’s contact information, by uploading it all at once, or one by one. WISP messenger allows users to communicate, share files and discuss updates. And HR personnel can create folders with documents, company polices, and other key information they need to share with their employees. It’s easy to post updates, create polls and comment on them.

WISP HR Technologies


The WISP team use a combination of stable software solutions and reliable security and privacy controlling methods to protect customer data.


It is free for the companies of up to 9 employees. Subscription plans for medium sized companies start at $49/month (which includes up to 49 employees).

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