The End of Vacation: Expectation vs. Reality
The End of Vacation: Expectation vs. Reality

The End of Vacation: Expectation vs. Reality

What is the worst part of vacation?  The moment it ends.  Just like that, you are faced with your return to the rhythm of life and the demands of work.  Which leads to an important question: how can you head back to work and perform effectively?

There are a lot of tips on the Internet for getting yourself back into a working mood.  Do any of these tips actually work? We decided to show you what happens when people try to follow these tips in real life.

Tip 1: “To adapt faster and work effectively, plan to return home three or four days before you need to return to work.”

Reality: “I should probably purchase the tickets for my trip home. I work tomorrow!”


Tip 2:  “Get enough sleep. Healthy, deep sleep will help you to get into the rhythm of the office easier.”

Reality: “I have a lot of things to do; sleep is for the weak”


Tip 3: “Treat yourself by focusing on your appearance for your first day back in the office. Your reflection in the mirror should inspire you to succeed.”

Reality: “Or I could hit snooze one more time”


Tip 4:  “Talk to your colleagues and share stories about your vacation”

Reality: “Well, it’s possible”


Tip 5:  “Try not to take on a bunch of tasks on the first day after your vacation. Distribute the load gradually, otherwise a breakdown is inevitable.”

Reality: “Oh, well, half-past eight in the evening isn’t so bad. I will just finish the report and go home”


Tip 6: “Drink more water. Working after vacation is stressful, and staying hydrated will reduce the stress that your body feels.

Reality: “I need more coffee!”


Tip 7: “Eat more vegetables and fruits. No fast food. And don’t over eat!”

Reality: “The pizza is amazing!”


Tip 8: “Try to walk more and breathe fresh air.”

Reality: “Oh, yes…”


Tip 9: “Enjoy your weekend. Relax, take a walk in the park. Make time for yourself.”

Reality: “Tell that to my kid…”


Tip 10: “Use the power of positive thinking. Look at your work with optimism and get pleasure from what you do.”

Reality: “How I want to have a vacation again!


To tell the truth, these tips are not so bad. Let them help you to meet your first day back at work with a smile.

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