8 Tips on How to Empower Your Employees
8 Tips on How to Empower Your Employees

8 Tips on How to Empower Your Employees

Employees are 60% more likely to remain motivated in the workplace if they feel valued by their employer. Unfortunately, many companies fail to address employee empowerment, which can lead to a host of issues for both staff and management.

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The Dangers of a Workplace Without Motivation

While very few people could say that their workplace is completely ideal, it is nevertheless important for employers to create an empowering environment. When employees feel valued, they tend to remain dedicated to doing their best each and every day.

Conversely, when a workplace actively undervalues its employees, it is damaging for all parties involved and can lead to:

  • High turnover rates;
  • Loss of productivity;
  • Inability to retain clientele;
  • Disorganization;
  • Increased employee sick days; and
  • A generally low office morale.

In other words, lack of empowerment not only affects employees, it can also negatively impact your business.

Empower Your Employees

 Tips for Empowering Employees

To keep up morale (and therefore productivity and profits), try the following techniques.


  • Lead by example. When employees see dedication amongst upper management, they are more likely to reflect that trait in their own work.
  • Reach out. Employees who are confused about their duties, responsibilities, or assignments are less likely to remain motivated throughout the day. So ensure that you or your management teams reach out to make sure that employees are on the right path.
  • Celebrate successes. One of the best ways to help employees feel empowered is to celebrate their achievements, no matter how small.
  • Encourage training and education. Encourage employees to better themselves through training and educational programs. If possible, offer a tuition reimbursement package.
  • Add some fun. A cheap and easy way to empower employees is to add some fun into the workplace. Daily tasks can become mundane, so throw a pizza party or design a friendly workplace competition amongst employees.
  • Remain flexible. Remember that employees have lives outside of work, which often need tending to. Offer telecommuting opportunities or flexible leave options.
  • Create trust. Encourage employees and managers to create a trusting bond with one another. This way, employees feel more free to ask questions and get help when necessary.
  • Let employees help with decisions. When employees feel in control, they are more likely to feel valued. Try putting out a suggestion box or organizing leadership teams within each department.


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