Are You Sure Your Millennial Employees Are as Tech Savvy as You Think? Infographics
Are You Sure Your Millennial Employees Are as Tech Savvy as You Think? Infographics

Are You Sure Your Millennial Employees Are as Tech Savvy as You Think? Infographics

Businesses all over the world are betting on Generation Y. Millennials are young, but experienced enough, ambitious and purposeful. They are not afraid of new technologies and know perfectly well that the future belongs to digital systems. As a result, they introduce technologies to the workplace, raising their companies to up new levels. However, are you sure that all Millennial employees are equally advanced in cutting-edge technologies?

ADP Research Institute conducted a study among managers and workers from four regions: North and South America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, and the results are really interesting – so, let’s take a look!

The essential workplace needs of Millennials directly affect the formation of new HR trends. That’s why both the Generation Y needs and the latest HR trends were the framework for a large-scale study of employees and employers from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, China, Singapore, etc., and the key priorities identified for these young professionals are outlined below.


The results of the research

Freedom is the second “Ego” for specialists from North America and Asia-Pacific

The opportunity to determine your work schedule for yourself, to work from anywhere in the world, to use mobile devices for the expansion of freedom across the workplace constitute the ideal conditions for employees from USA and Asia-Pacific.

The situation is different in Europe and Latin America: Europeans are convinced that such freedoms will destroy the established balance between their personal lives and their work, and Latin Americans are quite skeptical about the implementation of such innovations.

Technology is a new source of knowledge in Latin America

Yes, you guessed right: it is employees from Latin America who are the most interested in technology as an effective learning tool. More than 80% of respondents from Latin America have already used digital resources for getting new information.

In addition, specialists from South American countries are more supportive of social media as an integration platform for employees.

In general, all the regions surveyed are sympathetic to using technologies in learning and communication, but European countries are the more cautious on this issue.

“We make our own decisions!” say employees from Asia-Pacific

Unlike the other respondents, Asia and Australia showed greater confidence that some projects didn’t require a hierarchy or numerous departments to be completed successfully. Employers and employees from Asia-Pacific consider tech to be a source of inspiration for a manager and his/her team.

The skepticism of Europe in terms of the worldwide employee search

European managers are more wary of seeking specialists from other countries than their international colleagues.

Europeans are not substantially supported by specialists from other regions; however, the USA and Canada have a positive attitude towards international expertise, and managers from the Asia-Pacific region are particularly eager to take on foreign experts for projects.

Doing what a worker likes is a luxury for some and the routine for the others

Millennials from South America and Europe suppose that they will be able to do what they like and to do what will help creature a better world in the future.

However, their colleagues from North America, Asia, and Australia are ready to follow their dreams at work 🙂

Instead of a conclusion

“Not all Millennials are equally innovative.” Indeed, the decision to use technology at work depends on the cultural characteristics of the region where the Millennials live, its social and economic conditions. Some countries are bolder in certain aspects, but others are not.

But all the Millennials are true to themselves, and they are fundamentally open to new technologies!

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