Five Misconceptions About HR Technologies
Five Misconceptions About HR Technologies

Five Misconceptions About HR Technologies

The tech influence to HR is growing now. Companies appreciate their time and use software for effective and quick solutions of their working tasks. However, many managers are afraid of high technologies and employ old manual HR methods at the same time. The main reason for this phenomenon is misconceptions, which don’t allow managers even trying HR software in action.

What misconceptions about HR technologies do exist? Holly Watson, Executive marketing Director has shared 5 misconceptions about the technologies in HR. Let’s consider each other of them separately.

Misconception 1: “It will be too expensive”.


It is the money that the first joins the battle with the implementation of technologies in HR. It seems that money spent doesn’t pay off.

However, you should understand that having paid for the software you get the full HR functionality, which is consistent with the peculiarities of your company and can solve all the tasks quickly and effectively. In addition, paid systems often don’t require the purchase of additional tools for work.

Misconception 2: “The software implementation will take a lot of time”.

Of course, the implementation of HR software in a company takes time. Depending on software type, the implementation period can last from 2-3 days to several months. Simple systems can be installed for a few days and more complex soft needs on average 12 weeks for integrating. Within these 12 weeks, managers coordinate system requirements with developers and take part in testing ready soft.

Misconception 3: “It will be difficult to use HR software”.

HR systems are devoted to facilitating the work of a manager, therefore, they can’t be difficult a priory. However, to dispel your doubts, be attentive in choosing software. Explore the interface, all the buttons, and tools. If something confuses you and causes issues, refuse such a platform and try others. And finally, you will find the most convenient system for you and your staff.

In addition, if you buy software, its developers will always help you to overcome all the difficulties.

Misconception 4: “My team will never use it”.

Remember that soft is developed to make the life easier for not only a manager, but his team, too. In addition, the time is saved. If you are still in doubts, you can use the following method: engage your employees in the selection of software for your company. They will be involved in the process at the stage of decision-making.

Misconception 5: “I don’t trust technology, I will use manual methods”.


Traditional manual HR tools don’t guarantee the correctness of the data. Over than 88 percent of paper documents contains errors. Automatic systems collect data quickly and efficiently. And if the data is in one place, it’s easier to analyze it.

Misconceptions and stereotypes exist to be broken down. Don’t leave them any chance! Try HR software!

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