HR working day on the canvases of masters
HR working day on the canvases of masters

HR working day on the canvases of masters

An unusual Tumblr Blog is gaining popularity on the Internet. It combines the beauty of great artists’ paintings and the creativity of modern programmers who compose the funny caption to the masterpieces.

We have been inspired by the idea of the creators of Classic Programmer Paintings, and decided to show you the HR weekdays on the canvases of masters.


It is impossible to find a candidate my boss wants. Victor Vasnetsov.



A candidate doesn’t accept the job offer. Rembrandt.

Medieval woodcut

«It is YOU who will work for us». Medieval woodcut.


Nicklai Nevreev

«So, dearest, come in, if you have dare to take an interview in our company». Nick Nevrev.


Victor Bychkov

«I am searching the right candidate». Victor Bychkov.


Vasily Perov

«And here I asked him, why he wanted to work at our company». Vasily Perov.


Piter Breigel

The country of slackers or how mothers search jobs for their sons. Peter Breigel.


Elena Polenova

HR department is working. Elena Polenova.


Enrique Serra

A typical interview. Enrique Serra.


Pablo Picasso

Young HR-specialists are after a difficult interview. Pablo Picasso.



A stress interview. Gerard Therborh Jr.


Ilya Repin

The collection of technical requirements for vacancy. Ilya Repin.


Firs Zhuravlev

I am waiting for the ideal candidate. Firs Zhuravlev.


Ivan Bogdanov

 «I have come. Where is my interview?». Ivan Bogdanov.


Pimen Orlov

It is a selfie with my recruiter after the successful interview has finished. Pimen Orlov.

It seems to be not bad. How is it for you?





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