10 unusual employee benefits
10 unusual employee benefits

10 unusual employee benefits

We got used to those mentions of some employer’s office kitchen with forty types of ham, or Greek habit of holidays for parents. Or, for example, wedding holidays in Scandinavian countries. Sounds fun! But we’ve decided to pick those who differ, those who dare to defy the conservative layout of the modern HR trends with their employee benefits. Some of them will make your eyebrow raise up but question not, these are all real.


American company S.C. Johnson is specialized on cleaning the properties, so it’s only natural that it offers its employees the chance to live like a rich guy from Hollywood Hills – it allows to use the services of the personal concierge. Of course, it is completely free of charge!

The nice-looking and polite personnel will happily take your laundry, pay for your bills and return library books right to where they belong. All with smiling face, of course.

Poker, wine and saloon

DPR Construction is another business from the USA that is (you got this one right) a construction company. Any person living a dream of freedom will find their spiritual place here: the office has built-in real saloon, and Texas hold ‘em poker tournaments are held on regular basis.

Oh, and nobody will ever limit you on drinking wine during your shift – isn’t it the best office life you can possibly imagine?

Time for creative achievements

thumb employee benefits

Epic says it loud and clear: the company appreciates creative people at their best and so, there is a so-called “creativity vacation” that every employee can take once in 5 years. Of course, there is a regular holiday too, so no worries, it’s not like Epic employees have it rough.

Moreover, if an employee is not happy with their local country, they are free to choose any country they feel fits them best: the company itself will compensate all flight and living costs for this “creative holiday”. This coverage applies to one more person who they prefer to travel with, too.

A handful kit

Scopely_Engineer employee benefits

Californian-based developer Scopely is surely creative as it can possibly be. We are not awarding anyone here… but if we were, “the strangest new employee kit” award would find its owner in an instant. The thing is, all new full-time Scopely employees get:

  • a yearlong amount of Dos Equis beer (if you know its ads campaigns, you’ll get the idea),
  • a briefcase filled with $11,000 in bacon-wrapped cash (because, you know, why not),
  • a custom-tailored tuxedo (to look great, of course),
  • a spear gun (to shoo the envious ones, obviously),
  • a box of cigars (to look even cooler),
  • Sex Panther cologne (because why just have tuxedo or just Sex Panther cologne if you can have both?),
  • a beard-grooming oil (they are developers, after all),
  • an oil painting of this employee (because you are going to be the best developer in the world, and Scopely knows that).

Another question is what is all this for but we will leave that to decide for new Scopely employees.

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They care for your heart

And… no, there is nothing about cardiology here. It’s about private life.

Hime & Company are known for their policy of “break-up break” when they offer a paid leave for day or two after employee broke up with their dear ones. While this case is the most interesting one, there is a trend to care for divorced family – for example, to pay for all legal fees instead of employees so the process can go as smooth as possible. Fortunately, many employers with such policy state that employees use this benefit not so often. Good to know.


…And your family, too.

Employers can care not only for divorces or break-ups, but for family development, too. As an example, Apple and Facebook offer their employees the egg freezing services, so employee can freely dedicate all efforts towards career and build a family later. This idea gained was accepted with fair amount of controversy, though.

For those who care if their family will be left with nothing, Google exists: if Google employee passes away, widow will still get 50% of that employee’s salary, while all children under 19 will be provided with $1000 on monthly basis.


Sometimes companies’ managers think that it is good idea to stay with its employees even during their free time. Thus, Quiksiler (they are known for their surfing equipment) actively promotes the idea that its employees should dedicate some of their time for surfing. According to managers, Quiksilver employees are getting familiar with what exactly the company is making, improving the quality of products along the way – this way they produce the best equipment for thousands of surfers around the globe.

Atlantic Health cares for health of its employees to the extent when anyone in the office can attend free massage sessions twice a day – before and after work shift.

MillerCoors, while being a beer business, provides all its workers with 13 types of beer any time during the workday. And it’s free, of course!

zynga employee benefits

Zynga office

The game developer Zynga is a heaven for gamer: managers try to keep up with the industry so the office is filled with arcade machines, powerful gaming PCs and all modern consoles. Huge gaming library is included!

Own mall for employees

In case you’re too lazy to drop by nearby convenience store during your coffee break, you can send your envy right to Microsoft, since they have a huge mall called The Commons right at their campus. You can have a dinner there, you can play soccer or go to barber shop – whatever your soul feels convenient. And since it is a mall, you can buy anything there – from groceries to new expensive laptops.

"The Commons" employee benefits

“The Commons” (Microsoft Redmond campus)

One with nature

Onebestway is one strange company, to be honest. They might look like average marketing solutions business but there is one employee benefit they share – they offer their employees one unique perk. The thing is, there is a tradition in the office that is called “naked Fridays” and yes, this is exactly what you think it is. All employees are allowed to come on Fridays completely naked, one with nature. According to Onebestway managers, employees can learn to trust each other since there is literally nothing to hide.

Well, it’s hard to argue.


Free from work

The best motivation to work is sometimes the absence of work itself. This one is obvious with Sir Richard Branson with his stance on holidays – Virgin employees have a right to take an unlimited holidays whenever they feel like with no need to notify their manager. The only requirement is to leave no work behind. Do we need to mention that nobody is even keeping track on employees?

Branson employee benefits

Sir Richard Branson likes to enjoy leisure activities occasionally, too

All companies mentioned above are seen often in the lists of the best employees, and it’s clear why: they all think that their employees are unique, talented people and they need the corresponding response. Every one of them has the talent, undiscovered potential and it’s just blatant creative suicide to let it wither with simple, uncreative bonuses like extra money.

Do we even need to mention that it helps employee retention to keep up? So, now you know — be creative!

Image credits: Shutterstock, Daily Mail, Microsoft, Life At Zynga

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