Introducing WISP

Introducing WISP

The use of mobile technologies for employee engagement and HR management purposes is steadily growing. Today, employee-oriented mobile software products evolve around such processes as onboarding, employee surveys, corporate information delivery and employee health. HR activities and employee engagement are going mobile as is the rest of the world.

Gartner predicts that by 2017 40% of large IT companies will be actively engaged in the development of employee-facing apps; and that by 2018 50% of workers’ communication and team management will be conducted via mobile group collaboration apps.

The forecast also states that by 2020 20% of organizations will be setting the common goals of stimulating employee engagement for their HR and IT departments.

For the past 8 years we’ve been running a software development company. Being experts in mobile technologies and wishing to bring our company closer to employees, we came up with the idea of building a mobile-first Intranet solution for our team and HR management.

The solution we decided to create was an app which would be the easiest and quickest tool for corporate information dissemination, communication and team building. Instead of browsing through vast and often confusing Intranet resources, employees would need only to check the app on their mobile phone. Thus, the WISP project was born.

We analyzed the needs of our employees and of our HR management department. On the one hand, our employees would often need to quickly find their colleagues’ contacts or check a policy article. On the other hand, our HR managers would need an effective tool for onboarding new employees, sharing company news and arranging team-building activities.

With that in mind, we chose a list of functions for the future app. Our corporate app would have a section with all the useful company information (company policy articles, company description, FAQs of any sort, etc.), a staff contact book and a corporate news section.

We built WISP applications with these functions for iOS and Android, and received positive feedback from our employees. In fact, it turned out that the applications were much more popular and easier to use than our Intranet.

The project developed further. Integrating our inside experience with contemporary HR tech trends, we decided to expand WISP. From a small internal app, it grew into a Software-as-a-Service solution for a huge variety of companies. The WISP functionality has also been expanded: we added news, commenting and chat functions.

Today, using WISP service any company can create customized employee handbook applications for their staff.

Working with WISP is quite simple. The company HR manager configures the app via web interface by adding the company logo, adjusting the color of the app, and creating policy, staff contact book, and news sections. All the staff members are then invited to download an iOS or an Android app.

We believe WISP solution can be useful and convenient for many companies as we see its’ positive impact on our corporate communication and HR practices.

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